Russkiye samotsvety - unique jewelry pieces for you since 1912.

Being a successor of the world-known jewelry school of Carl Faberge Russkiye samotsvety following his traditions in jewellery making over 100 years. Today we are using all our experience and skills acquired within a century history of the company to design sincere jewelry pieces of art.

Today the world’s professionals assess the quality of the company’s products as a reference standard since it bases not only on the traditions of Russian famous jewellery school but also on the facilities of a modern large jewellery enterprise. The full range of jewellery models is over 3500 pieces.

To discover more about Russkiye samotsvety products please following the links below. You may easily download main catalogues with our production.


Download Jewellery Catalog

Download Silver Tableware Catalog

Download Faberge style egg-pendants Catalog

Download Baby silverware Catalog

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