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Russkiye Samotsvety Corp. is one of the largest jewelry enterprises in Russia with a 100 years of experience. At present time the enterprise manufacture over 3500 products including practically all types of gold and platinum jewellery diamond finishing, with precious and semiprecious stones, with gemstones and without, with enamels and other types of finishing, silver tableware and unique enamel&filigree articles. The process of manufacturing these items undergoes a strict state examination and it undoubtedly shows a high quality of items made by Russkiye Samotsvety.

All jewellery items from Russkiye Samotsvety is unique and carry the spirit of time and traditions of the world famous Russian jewelry school of Carl Faberge. The company’s pride is Faberge styled articles notable for masterly technique and elegant ideas.

Chain of company-owned shops in Moscow, St.Petersburg is constantly expanding. Besides the retail chain there is also a wholesale department, which deals with the whole Russia, CIS countries and other international markets. Jewelry produced by Russkiye Samotsvety has been exported to more than 20 countries.

The quality of the articles is confirmed by numerous international awards, including award from the company De Beers (2000). The company is the regular participant of the largest international exhibitions.

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